Forklift Truck Inspections

Construction forklift in action under bridge - black and white photo

Construction Forklift Truck Inspections

Construction Forklift Trucks are commonly used in indoor and outdoor settings and are found on construction job sites , warehouses, and on the back of delivery trucks.
They can run on gas, propane, diesel or battery.

Forklift with Personnel Basket Inspections

Forklifts equipped with personnel baskets are commonly used for indoor and outdoor use and are found in an industrial atmosphere. They are designed to lift a person and most commonly run on a battery.

Industrial Forklift Trucks Inspections

Industrial Forklift Trucks, like this sit-down, counter-balanced forklift, are most commonly used for indoor use and are found in an industrial atmosphere. They can run on gas, propane or battery.

Personnel forklift in warehouse - an example of the fork truck inspections that can be provided by Cranes Aerial Truck Service
Need a kind of inspection not listed above? We are happy to discuss your needs!

Kolo Safety has been providing third party inspections of industrial and construction equipment for over twenty years. We would be happy to help you with any inspections you may need. If you need a type of inspection not listed above, please contact us. With our broad and deep experience in the industrial and heavy equipment safety industry, chances are we will be able to help.

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